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The DFMtech Team

Dave Miller, President, DFMtech
Dave Miller

Dave has always been keenly interested in how things work and how they could work better.

This theme carried on throughout his adult life, after graduation from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, 20+ years ago with the fancy title of mechanical engineering technologist.

He especially loved technology-based development companies and was given even better titles along the way, such as bench tech, college instructor, hardware developer, software developer and eventually, CTO!

Dave now continues his search for the ultimate solution, that is, when he isn't machining or tormenting his wife and two 20-something daughters.

Brian Fraser, Dtr of Software, DFMtech
Brian Fraser
Director of Software Development

Brian likes to develop software which solves challenging projects. Especially when it can make Dave's hardware sing and dance.

He values developing a good understanding of a project, crafting various solutions and then proving that the system solves the challenge. He also enjoys analyzing why an old idea didn't work… especially when it's someone else's old idea - that’s so much more fun. His interest in challenges lead him to earn a PhD from Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC in Computer Science. He also has over 10 years experience in software development plus plenty of experience with us, so we know he's brilliant. In fact, we call him the Doctor of Software but as modest as he is, he prefers Director of Software Development.

Dave with the team
The Rest of theTeam

After many years of business, we have a wonderful network of highly qualified and very talented subcontractors who we love to call in when we need them.

We work together so well that you’ll be as happy with them as we are.

And, most important, you’ll be happy with what our team produces for you.

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