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DFMtech Process of product development
How We Do It
The success of your project is built on trust and rapport. DFMtech has over 20 years experience bringing projects to fruition, so we're sure we're doing something right.

Requirements are Key
The requirements document is the foundation of a quality product and we expend significant energy in the beginning to get the true project requirements.

We work with you to understand and document your definition of success including your goals and constraints, resources & requirements.

The Perfect Plan
We research and propose a choice of solutions that meet your needs, and together we choose the best solution for you.

We then put all our skills and experience to work planning the strategy for your success. We implement the proper tools and resources to achieve your this goal along with proper documentation.

The best project plan includes requirements and risks, deliverables, resources, and a time line. Testing criteria and a validation plan are also part of the project to make it as realistic as possible.

Our experience shows that the project must be defined in a fine enough detail so that a realistic timeframe can be decided.

Let’s Talk
During all stages of the project, we are in continual communication with you.

With your guidance, we ensure that the solution proposed is continually validated, meeting your needs. Holding regular planning and project management meetings make for the best project flow.

Too few meetings allows a project to veer off its intended path and lose focus. Too many meetings change the focus from the project to the process of planning and management.

We strive for the middle ground.

DFMtech's Commitment
Commitment's the Thing
While still in the planning stage, we ask for the input of all personnel involved in project execution. Not only do we round out requirement list by doing this but it also ensures everyone's commitment. This greatly improves the odds of complete project success.

Getting to Success
Once your product or prototype is to the stage that you can show it to potential investors and customers, we help you validate and ensure it meets all the requirements we have identified throughout the development process.

Product manufacturing documentation is then created so that you can either manufacture it yourself or send the information off for manufacture. DFMtech has experience working with testing labs such as UL or CSA to get your product certified.

The End
There may be several ways to get to the same endpoint but the important thing is to have a well thought out plan that covers all the important steps. Proper design at square one makes the testing process progress smoothly.

Let's get to
square one now.